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For the first time in our brand’s history, LENZI is embracing the concept of total living by shifting our focus from single products to an enlarged collection. To achieve this, was designate the architect MAURIZIO MANZONI for product design and Art Direction. With over ten years of experience in the development of ‘global’ FURNISHING PROJECTS, their process starts from looking at the roots of the brand as well as trends in CONTEMPORARY LIVING. Introducing LENZI HOME COLLECTION, a collection defined by the works of MAURIZIO MANZONI.

Our company is traditionally known for our use of MARBLE as a fundamental and essential material. In the new collection, this tribute is evident but not always predominant. The products are created as part of an overall vision for the COLLECTION, even if they are not deliberately derived from each other. Some of the products have the presence of marble only as it is structurally necessary, and others showcase the MATERIAL to achieve an amplified statement. Each piece is a work of art, crafted by SOPHISTICATED CONTEMPORARY design and enhanced by the most sought-after varieties of veined marbles.

MAURIZIO MANZONI created a delicate environment for LENZI in which the products are enhanced by the use of refined MATERIALS with refined finishes. The concept is that of a search for the primitive spirit hidden in a raw material but already embellished by nature itself: flaked STONE, smoothed by the sea, WOOKD and modeled METALS, have always been an inspiration for skilled craftsmen who over the centuries have replaced nature and learned to work with these materials by hand. This is the work of architect MAURIZIO MANZONI, for which designing is nothing more than showing how, thanks to the wise and conscious use of materials, a deep connection between man and nature can be allowed.

New collection coming soon