Welcome. This is meant to be a journey that shows who we are and where we come from, putting our products, our world, our history centre stage. US. Claudia and Simone. Two siblings who have been running the family business since 2004. From our father Luciano we have inherited not only the company, but also the culture and the respect for work, the passion for what we do, and the desire to make this passion known beyond the confines of our beloved Tuscany. We come from a generation of marble workers. Our father started working marble when he was just a boy, and we too learnt words like marble and travertine early on, we gained experience in quarries and learnt about tools for quarrying and the subsequent processing.

Ours is a demanding job, in which fatigue, heat and cold are part of everyday life. But this is not a burden to us because our drive is made up of energy, of the desire to preserve the spirit of craftsmanship that we inherited from our father, the same spirit that we pass on to our children day after day.
With the passing of time, the need grew within us to create a more exclusive, more defined, more contemporary product that would move away from the deep-rooted idea of the ‘heaviness’ of the marble furnishing element, but that would be a beautiful design object regardless, where the marble, the material, could give a strong signal of added value. We therefore availed ourselves of the collaboration of experienced designers, who helped us not only to understand the market and its changes in relation to customer needs more directly, but also to be more aware of what we do and what we want to be. We have embarked on a path that starts from the individual marble table and stretches all the way to the complete furnishing of the living area, the place where every family meets, lives and interacts.

The collaboration with Maurizio Manzoni resulted in the Lenzi Home Collection.


Lenzi is our brand, our name, simply US.

Claudia and Simone Lenzi