C for Craftmanship.
Working with marble is not easy and requires in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of this precious material.

Like every material existing in nature, marble and travertine present themselves in all their imperfect beauty, in a state of matter that requires successive stages of selection and processing before it can shine with all its strength. There is a starting selection that requires profound experience to recognise what can be considered a defect and what should be considered a peculiarity of the material. It is precisely the peculiarity, the unique feature, that creates the material’s singular beauty. The material itself is a mixture of dusts, sediments, dusts that have settled on the earth and crystallised over time, over millennia. And every single piece of material tells us what happened to the planet at that specific place on earth and at a time far in the past. That is why owning a marble product means owning a unique piece of nature’s history.

The only one of its kind and represent a unique part of the human being heritage, millions of years in the making. The inherently imperfect nature of marble requires craftsmanship and an ‘ad hoc’ finish according to the specific natural characteristics of each piece. Therein lies the essence of our work, being able to adapt our extensive experience and knowledge to the care of the individual detail. The ability to work on a natural material to maximise its beauty and uniqueness. With passion.

Made in Italy. With care and love. For You.