Q for Quarries.
Italy, materials marble, travertine. The Company is located in the heart of Tuscany between Pisa and Florence. Italy, Tuscany, and our cities have always been seen as the cradle of art, with its masterpieces and monuments that enhance the beauty of the materials that the nature of our places gives us. From the mountains near Carrara, a Tuscan town an hour’s drive from our company, we extract the famous Bianco Carrara, which takes its name from the town of origin. Carrara White is both a specific and a generic term. In the first case, this name refers to the white marble par excellence, a material with excellent qualities, which have made it known throughout the world and of which one can admire a shining example in the monuments that stand out in Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa. But we also refer to Bianco di Carrara to define all the highly prised types of white that are extracted from the same mountains: Bianco Calacatta, Michelangelo, Statuario and others. Marble, like Roman Travertine, has always accompanied our history. This material as imperfect as it is unique that nature has lent us. Lenzi uses only first choice marbles and travertine selected directly by Simone Lenzi in the best quarries. Marble is a unique and precious material that demands respect and we, thanks to the expertise we have acquired over the years, are able to work it skilfully.

Q for Quarries but also Q for Quality.
Quality is what Lenzi guarantees for its products.

In our factory, we blend the long experience to shape this wonderful material with the contemporary design and our artisan skill to work this imperfect but handsome material the nature gives us.

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