Design Giorgio Soressi
Rectangular table top in marble. The marble top is thin and rectangular; two of its opposite corners have a remarkable rounding shaped edge. The pedestal is composed by rectangular and square marble elements of different widths showing the alternation of two different materials, and by a metal cylindrical base varnished in gold. The design of this table is eclectic and creatively geometric, infinitely rich in aesthetic elements, both on top and on bases, where every single component is different from the other but the whole feeling is very harmonious. Marble: Verde Alba as main color with Bianco Lilla Inlays. One metal base.
Rectangular table top in marble.

cm 240w x 120d x 76h
cm 218w x 110d x 76h
cm 210w x 105d x 76h
cm 160w x 160d x 76h
Ø cm 160 x 76h
cm 130w x 70d x 40h
Ø cm 100 x 40h