Design Giorgio Soressi
Rectangular marble table. Toscana is a table produced entirely in marble. It has an elegant shape that recalls the tradition of marble processing. Very elegant and rich in details, Toscana presents itself with a marble ‘boat’ shaped top with a beveled edge, which is repeated , both the shape and the bevel edge, on the external perimeter creating a rich double edge and which gives the top a great aesthetic value. The base has a trapezoidal shape. It starts from a marble trim on base which repeats, in a small version, the shape and details of the double edge of the top. The rising base becomes slowly wider while getting closer to the top. The Toscana table has a design that is based not only on the chromatic contrast of the materials used, but also on the antithesis between severe lines and softer and more rounded details.
Rectangular marble table.

cm 240w x 120d x 76h
cm 218w x 110d x 76h
cm 210w x 105d x 76h
cm 160w x 160d x 76h
Ø cm 160 x 76h
cm 180w x 45d x 76h
cm 130w x 70d x 40h