Design Giorgio Soressi
Rectangular marble table. The marble top is a real piece of art and shows the skill to joint in a perfect way different materials together, shaping a geometric puzzle of rectangles and squares of various colors. The central marble plinth starts from the bottom with a trapezoidal shaped base till a thin contrast insert to finish with the rectangular shape till the top. Lively and colorful, the Pride table has a young design which tells about the skill to work these wonderful natural materials.
Rectangular marble table.

cm 240w x 120d x 76h
cm 218w x 110d x 76h
cm 210w x 105d x 76h
cm 160w x 160d x 76h
cm 150w x 150d x 76h
cm 130w x 70d x 40h
cm 110w x 110d x 40h