Design Maurizio Manzoni
Every thought prefers the essential. Every meditation, whether precise or round, deep or barely sketched, provides well-being. Zen encapsulates this way of life. Its table top is a geometric manifesto of perfect imperfection, the supporting structure is an interplay of luminous marbles hidden in the soft shape of wood.
Zen. The name of this product reveals the delicate and rich design of this particular table. A design which stimulates the imagination thanks to the experimentation of new and soft shapes. A very particular shape for this magnificent top, important in terms of dimension but softer by the delicate rounded shape of its design. The top recalls to nature, the use of ash wood presented with its softened forms, recall to the wood crafted by nature over time. The three rounded pedestals have a unique design, and they are enriched by the combination of natural ash wood and natural marble. The metal frame connects the three pedestals creating an interplay of shapes. Very natural. Very elegant. Simply Zen.