Design Giorgio Soressi
Smart: marble table with inox base detail. The Smart table has a very simple and clean design. Linear rectangular top and pedestal for the rectangular solution and round top with the square marble base for the round proposal. In both cases the base is enriched with an inox trim which gives light and a contemporary touch to the design. In its structural simplicity, the Smart table enhances the natural and abstract beauty of marble.
Smart: marble table with inox base detail.

cm 240w x 120d x 76h
cm 218w x 110d x 76h
cm 210w x 105d x 76h
cm 200w x 100d x 76h
cm 150w x 150d x 76h
Ø cm 160 x 76h
Ø cm 150 x 76h
Ø cm 140 x 76h
cm 145w x 45d x 76h
cm 130w x 70d x 40h
cm 65w x 65d x 55h