Design Maurizio Manzoni
It is extraordinary how reason and impulse can often coexist in some ideas. If the first contains elements of strength, the second leaves room for pleasant weaknesses. Aries conveys this idea: the large seats are arranged on a structure fortified by a horizontal cylindrical beam, at the ends of which fascinating marble plates of instinctive beauty are attached.
Aries. The sofa that encompasses comfort, style, quality, and a highly original design. Large and comfortable seats accompanied by large and removable back cushions. A very refined stainless-steel structure again here featuring all the components of the sofa: from the feet to the back side of the sofa. The back side of the sofa offers a stunning view: the stainless-steel bar is equipped with metal backrests completely covered in leather and with an adjustable movement. Modern design enriched by shaped marble sides. The shaped form of the marble sides offers soft lines version which allows the perfect blend between the softness of the sofa and the visual hardness of marble. The hardness of the marble is only visual as the armrest is internally lined and padded to give maximum comfort. The marble sides are crossed by a stainless-steel profile. The Aries sofa design has the particularity of being beautiful both from the front and from the back. Perfect for the centre of the room or to separate two spaces.