Design Maurizio Manzoni
Like the layers of a rock, each one with its own history. Or like the memories that sediment within us, each one with its own meaning. Everything that is alive is also dynamic, it has within itself an idea of superimposed layers, we could call them levels. Layer is inspired by this concept: whoever observes it can distinguish the materials, one from the other, the colours so different from each other, the different heights that are hidden inside it, the precise horizontal and vertical divisions.
The Layer sideboard with its four doors uses the finest materials to create an architecturally striking piece with a unique design that is perfect for any living room. The total look features a dynamic effect thanks to the use of different materials, at different levels and different tones, offered by the metal, wood and marble. This mixture of three natural components is the very lifeblood of the design: the veneered wooden structure features doors, while the marble top lends a precious feel. The marble side is connected to the main buffet body by a metal detail. The use of marble, invisible Grey in the picture, is played in a way that the final total look lends a feeling of lightness. The internal part of the sideboard is lacquered and complimented by the glass shelves. The inserted marble top is crossed by a marble detail which ends with a metal top. These two tops add dynamism and lightness to the whole piece. The sideboard can be supplied with a smart lighting system.