Design Maurizio Manzoni
The atmosphere of festive days and the respect we dedicate to our most awaited guest, perhaps offering him company, words and spirits: these pleasant habits of ours immediately make us think to the light. Because there is light in a street party, there is light in the eyes of those we appreciate and again light in the reflections of a good liqueur. Hiro is ‘the great light’, an attraction that cannot go unnoticed and calls everyone to meet each other.
Hiro. Equipped with two doors, which cleverly hide an inner space dedicated to store liquor collections. The finish of the wooden external structure can be lacquered or veneered. This modern bar cabinet makes a majestic statement in any home. The wooden structure is complimented by glass shelves. A metal bar detail placed vertically in the middle of the internal bar recalls and lends continuity to the central marble pillar of the pedestal. The interior features a striking combination of mirror in the back, to enhance depth and brightness. The piece is also complete with one interior drawer for extra storage space. The wooden structure ends with a Nero Marquinia or a Bianco Carrara inserted marble top. The pedestal features two solid marble pillars enriched by metal details. The third element is a lacquered metal column. The cabinet can be supplied with a smart lighting system.