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Velvet Table
  -    -  Velvet Table

Velvet, rectangular marble table. A charming design that underlines the remarkable skills to create a unique product through the use of several materials, perfectly assembled together. The table top, rectangular and linear, is characterized by a regular alternation of inlays along the edge which reminds the trim of a chessboard. The four linear square bases are enriched by the final inlay that invokes the chromatic movement presented on the top.

Art. Velvet

Velvet, rectangular marble table

Design: Giorgio Soressi

cm 240w x 120d x 76h
cm 218w x 110d x 76h
cm 210w x 105d x 76h
cm 150w x 150d x 76h
cm 145w x 45d x 76h
cm 130w x 65d x 40h
cm 65w x 65d x 55h