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  -    -  Oasi

Marble table with a cm 2 thick top. The table top has an elegant, rectangular profile and rests on a metal base made up of two elements of different sizes. The contrast between the metal and the empty spaces creates an attractive design that evokes a sense of lightness. Not just a means of support, the metal support under in between the top and base is an essential part of the design. The featured table is made of Kenya Black marble.

Art. Oasi

Marble top
Top thickness 2 cm
Metal support
Varnished metal base

Design: Maurizio Manzoni

cm 260 x 115 x 76h
cm 240 x 115 x 76h
cm 218 x 115 x 76h
cm 210 x 105 x 76h
cm Ø 180 x 76h
cm Ø 160 x 76h
cm Ø 150 x 76h