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  -    -  Aries

Sofa in fabric or leather with marble sides. Multilayered structure for armrests and seats. Stainless steel frame. Armrest with details in stainless steel. Folding metal backrests covered in cowhide that can be adjusted to accommodate different body sizes. Variable-density armrests covered with polyester fibre. Variable-density seat with inner core in polyurethane foam. Cover in feather proof canvas. Back cushion in down proof fabric, padded with foam and polyester fibre. Stainless steel back with headrest. The hard leather panel can be arranged in two seat depths.

Note: the photo shows the Aries Sofa with Bianco Lilla sides.
Note: The hard leather panel can be arranged for two seating depths.

Art. Aries

Large, comfortable seats with equally, large, removable back cushions. A sophisticated stainless steel frame carried through to the feet and the sofa’s back, with adjustable backrests covered in leather. A modern design with shaped marble sides in a perfect contrast between the sofa’s softness and the solid look of the marble. The armrest is lined and padded for maximum comfort. The marble sides are connected by a stainless steel frame making the Aries sofa look just as beautiful from the back as it does from the front. Perfect as the centrepiece of a room or as a divider.

Design: Maurizio Manzoni