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For the first time in the history of our brand, LENZI is embracing a holistic concept of contemporary living by shifting the focus from individual products to the creation of an extensive collection.


Maurizio Manzoni

After graduating in architecture in Florence, Maurizio Manzoni branched out into interior design, graphics and designing exhibition stands, as well as fabrics, motor boats and super yachts.
He has engaged in industrial design projects with leading Italian and international luxury brands, in some cases acting as their Artistic Director.
He founded StudioMEMO in Florence in 2001. The intention was always was to pursue a design philosophy that addresses contemporary living with innovative solutions, while retaining the essence of the brands involved.
In 2019, Lenzi began working with StudioMemo with the aim of moving from the creation of individual products to a holistic concept of furniture.

The LENZI house goes beyond the notion of a simple shelter and is imbued with the spirit of all those who come into contact with it.

In some articles, marble is used structurally while, in others, it is showcased as a bold statement. Each is a work of art, embodying sophisticated contemporary design in the most sought-after varieties of veined marbles.


Leathers and Fabrics

Design is a way of revealing a deep connection between man and nature through the skilful deployment of materials, including wood and metal.


Marbles and Metals

The search for the primitive spirit encapsulated in marble, a raw material embellished by nature. Over the centuries, skilled craftsmen have learned to use their hands to mimic the action of the sea in polishing this precious stone, here attractively combined with wood and metal.

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Each product reflects the overall vision of the collection yet retains its individuality.